Return & Exchange

If the product you wish to return is sold out and we can’t replace it with new one, we will refund your money via Bank Transfers for domestic customers or PayPal for international customers. We are also not responsible in taxes and duties charged for international customers.

  1. You should create a request within 14 days after you receive the product.
    Please provide information why you want to return the product at our email :
  2. We will respond to your request and only after you get the email response you can return the product.
    Please print then fill the form manually, and send it together with the product.
  3. You will then have 14 days starting from after you receive our email response to send it back. The items need to be in the same condition they were supplied to you in.

    Items must have the following :
    + Their original labels and tags, ideally still attached.
    + Boxes and packaging as supplied by the manufacturer
    + All parts, instruction leaflets, spares and components present.
    + have invoices ( bill payment) and return forms.

    Items must not:
    – Be dirty, soiled or wet.
    – Have been worn outdoors, or for prolonged periods inside.
    – Be marked, damaged or scratched.

    Note, Returns or exchanges that are damaged, soiled or altered may not be accepted and may be sent back to the customer.

  4. If we receive your package more than 14 days, we have the authority to cancel cash refund and change it into a non-expiry store credit.




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